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Vocabulary alay

Turned off : ilfil
Don’t tell me she listens to that kind of music, i am so turned off.

Roll out : cabut
We’re about to roll out.

Ghetto: alay
Dude don’t spell your name with numbers that’s so ghetto.

Attention whore : caper
She is too attention whore just ignore her.

Cheesy: norak
Don’t wear that shirt that cheesy.

Butt hurt : baper
Oh come on, don’t get butt hurt.

Leading sw on: php
She lead me on.

Sod all to do: gabut
I wanna hang out i got sod all to do.

Loaded: tajir
He night be loaded but he’s also show off.

Show off: pamer
Dont show off your property

Cop out : ngeles
you can ho ahead and cop out as much as you want! I saw you two together las night

Prospect: gebetan
Oh men my prospect posted a picture with some pilot.

Hopelessly single : jones
you shoul try to hook rizky up with your sister. You know he’s hopelessly single .

Comatose : mager
Can you get me some food? I am kind of comatose right now
Chilling: nongkrong
Come on to the food festival, we are just chiling there
pick up line/sweet talk: gombal
i dont recommend sweet talk. She will see right through it.

I’m just kidding : Aku cuma bercanda.
“Oh come on, guys! Don’t be mad. I’m just kidding!”

Couch Potato : Pemalas
“He’s being a couch potato. He doesn’t even bother to look for a job.”

Cram: Belajar terburu-buru sebelum ujian
“He spent all night cramming for the test.”

Down to earth : Sederhana dan apa adanya
“He’s so down to earth. I adore him so much.”

Drive up the wall : Menjengkelkan
“She drives me up the wall. Ugh.”

Drop it: Sudahlah, lupakan saja.
“You can just drop it. You will get to win this next time.”

For Real: Yang benar saja?
“You just met Justin Bieber? For real?”

Get out of it: Sudahlah, lupakan saja.
“You forget again, don’t you? Just get out of it then.”

Give a ring : Menelepon seseorang

“Can you give her a ring? She misses you.”

Hang out: Menghabiskan waktu bersama teman.

“Let’s hang out, It’s been a while since the last time we met.”

Catch up: Menyusul.

“See you then, I’ll catch up to you later.”

I’m feeling so blue: Aku sedih sekali.

“I’m feeling so blue right now. My cat died last night.”

I’m sticking my neck out for nothing : Aku berharap terlalu muluk.

“I shouldn’t have believed in him. I’m sticking my neck out for nothing.”

Knock: Membicarakan seseorang di belakang

“Do you know Sunny was knocking you down? She’s not the kind of person you thought you knew.”

Lighten up: Santai

“Hey, try to lighten up a little bit.”

No hassle: Tidak usah dipermasalahkan.
“It’s okay. I want to help you. No hassle, don’t worry.”

Piece of cake: Sangat mudah.
“I can finish the exam quickly. It’s a piece of cake.”

The cold shoulder : Mengacuhkan seseorang.
“I’m giving him a cold shoulder. He’s not supposed to joke about that.”

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