1. bad at keeping in touch with:  not good at maintaining contact with someone 
  2. get back in touch: contact someone again
  3. have in common: share the same interests
  4. be into something: enthusiastic about something 
  5. hit it off right from the word go: become friends from the very beginning
  6. tell (you) straight to (your) face: express feelings and opinions directly to someone 
  7. in keeping with: according to the typical stereotype 
  8. go our separate ways:  take a different path in life
  9. far and few between: less and less frequent 
  10. be largely down to (me): mainly my fault or responsibility 
  11. come across by chance: find unintentionally
  12. it was she who tracked down his email: she investigated and found his email
  13. start out where (we) left off: continuing again from the last time we met 
  14. our friendship was as strong as ever: we were still as good friends as before 
  15. catch up and fill in the gaps: share details about what’s been happening in your life
  1. A lifelong friend – A friend that you have had for most of your life
  2. A relationship of trust – a connection with another in which you have faith and confidence
  3. Arrange a dinner date – Plan to share an evening meal
  4. A shoulder to cry on – Someone to sympathize with you
  5. Close-knit family – A close family with common interests
  6. Dear to my heart – Someone that I care about
  7. Distant cousins – People who share a common ancestor but are not closely related
  8. Extend the hand of friendship – Reach out to someone in a friendly manner
  9. Extended family – Uncles, aunts and cousins form part of the extended family
  10. Face to face – In person
  11. Get to know one another – Learning different aspects of each other
  12. Get together – Meet up
  13. Immediate family – Spouse, parents, children, grandparents
  14. Long lost friend – A friend that you have lost contact with
  15. Long-term relationships – A committed relationship between partners
  16. Nurture our friendships – Looking after our relationships with friends
  17. Professional relationships – The relationships that we have in the workplace
  18. Relationship problems – Difficulties with people with whom we interact regularly
  19. Share a common background – The share a similar heritage or culture
  20. Share the same ideas – To have similar opinions and views
  21. Stand the test of time – To last a long time
  22. Struck up a friendship – To make friends
  23. To enjoy someone’s company – To enjoy spending time with someone
  24. To have a good working relationship – To work together well
  25. To have a lot in common – To have shared interests
  26. To hit it off – To like each other straight away
  27. To keep in touch with – To keep in contact
  28. To lose touch with – To lose contact
  1. go back a bit:  make you think of a time in the past 
  2. soft toys:   toys which look like animals made of cloth and filled with soft material 
  3. stand out in the memory: something important from your past you will always remember
  4. wrap (something) up: cover something like a gift in soft paper
  5. the look on (my) face: the expression on my face (of happiness or any other emotion)
  6. give (something away): show how you feel by your expression or behaviour
  7. lash out on (something): spend a lot of money on something 
  8. spoil (someone):  to be too indulgent to a child 
  9. set up: organise, put something together
  10. a learning tool: an object (a game, a platform) that can help you learn something
  11. educational toys: toys designed for learning
  12. stretch (your) imagination: make you think about things in a new way
  13. spend quality time: a very enjoyable time with someone, especially parents with children 
  14. let someone win: allow the other player to wine 
  15. hand something down: pass on things from one generation of the family to the next
  1. not look like much: the appearance is not very attractive
  2. the first thing that hits you is: the first impression or sensation you have
  3. be after something: want something 
  4. home-made: not commercially bought
  5. run something: in charge of or responsible for
  6. happen to pass by: be there by chance
  7. fancy a bite to eat: have the desire to eat something 
  8. give them all a miss: to avoid or say “no” to
  9. go for: to make a choice out of preference
  10. come back for more: return and ask for the same again 
  11. soak up the atmosphere: enjoy listening to people and looking at your surroundings 
  12. feel like a home from home:  a place where you feel welcome and comfortable
  13. hurry you up: make you finish quickly and leave
  14. put so much into the place: work very hard to make something successful
  15. find the time to pass the time of day with someone: make time to talk about everyday things
  1. A balanced diet– A diet of mostly healthy food that has the right amount of nutrients
  2. A bottle of bubbly– Sparkling wine
  3. A decadent chocolate pudding– Luxurious or self-indulgent chocolate pudding
  4. A doggy bag– The leftovers of a meal in a restaurant taken home
  5. A scrumptious meal– A delicious meal
  6. A slap up meal– an expensive or very indulgent ‘treat’ meal
  7. A sweet tooth– An enjoyment of sweet food
  8. An English breakfast– A large cooked breakfast that includes egg and bacon
  9. Calm the hunger pangs– To reduce the discomfort caused by hunger
  10. Candle lit dinner– A romantic dinner by candlelight
  11. Covered in a rich sauce– Covered in a creamy gravy
  12. Cut down on– To reduce consumption
  13. Daily consumption– The amount that you eat everyday
  14. Dying of hunger– Very hungry
  15. Exotic meals– Meals that originate in other countries
  16. Fine dining– Food catering to expensive tastes in a formal setting
  17. Food preparation– Preparing food
  18. Food production– Producing food
  19. Fussy eater– Someone dislikes many foods
  20. Home-cooked meals– Meals cooked at home
  21. Homemade food– Food made at home
  22. Junk food– Food with little nutritional value
  23. Leafy vegetables– Vegetables such as spinach and cabbage
  24. Mouth-watering meals– Delicious meals
  25. Nutritious food– Food with many nutrients
  26. Quick snack– a small meal that’s easy to eat ‘on the go’.
  27. Packed with vitamins– Full of vitamins
  28. Piping hot cup of coffee– Very hot coffee
  29. Pub lunch– Lunch served in a bar
  30. Rabbit food– Salad vegetables
  31. Ready meals– Heat and eat meals
  32. Refined carbohydrates– Foods such as white rice, white bread
  33. Savouring the food– Enjoying the food
  34. Scrumptious meal– An exceptionally tasty meal
  35. Seasonalfruits – Fruits that grow in season
  36. Starving hungry– Extremely hungry
  37. Wining and dining– Entertainment that includes good food
  1. add to (its) attraction: make it more attractive 
  2. thriving:   lively and successful 
  3. hustle and bustle: full of movement and noise
  4. a craze: an activity that suddenly becomes very popular
  5. a (holiday) resort: a popular destination for holidays
  6. a fascinating mix: different elements that go together really well
  7. steeped in history: full of history
  8. ultra-modern: very recent and new
  9. know like the back of (your) hand: be very familiar with, know everything about 
  10. a home from home: a place where you feel very happy and comfortable
  11. tourist hot spots: places very popular with tourists
  12. soak up the atmosphere: observe and enjoy what’s happening around you
  13. a bit pricey: quite expensive 
  14. easy going: relaxed, without pressure
  15. blend in: easily fit in with other people
  1. Affordable destinations– Places within a reasonable price range
  2. Affordable travel– Travel which is within your price range
  3. Around the world– In all corners of the globe
  4. Arts and culture– The art, music and other cultural aspects of an area
  5. Craft markets– Stalls where goods made by the local people are sold
  6. Do as the locals do– Enjoy the activities as the local people do
  7. Efficient public transport– A functioning transport system intended for the use of residents and visitors
  8. Exotic destinations– Unusual or strange holiday destinations
  9. Get around– Get from place to place
  10. Guided tours– Walking, hiking or driving visits led by a guide who knows the area
  11. Holiday brochures– Pamphlets advertising holiday destinations
  12. Holiday destination– Place to which you leave on holiday
  13. Long-haul flights– Long distance flights
  14. Lush rainforests– Luxuriant equatorial forests
  15. Magnificent landscapes– Impressive scenery
  16. Make advance reservations– Booking ahead of time
  17. Memorable experiences– Activities that you will remember for years
  18. Off the beaten track– A place that is not on the main thoroughfare
  19. Out of season– Outside the most popular holiday period
  20. Packaged deals– Travel deals that are put together by an agency and sold as a package
  21. Quaint villages– Old-fashioned or charming small towns
  22. Scenic views– Lovely scenes
  23. Self-catering accommodation– A Place to stay where you see to your own food
  24. Spectacular beaches– Impressive sandy shorelines
  25. Stunning architecture– Magnificent buildings
  26. Swarming with tourists– Full of holidaymakers
  27. Time on their hands– Available time to do as you choose
  28. To get away from it all– To get away from everyday routines
  29. To go sightseeing– Take a trip around an area to see what it has to offer
  30. Travel abroad –Travel to overseas destinations
  31. Travelling light– Travelling with little luggage
  32. Value for money– A good return on investment
  33. Visa regulations– Laws that relate to entry into a country
  34. Wildlife safari– A guided tour through a game park
  1. turn something on its head:  change something completely  
  2. a landline:   conventional cable phone 
  3. the exception, not the rule: something very uncommon
  4. out of this world: unimaginable 
  5. so much more than (something): much more complex than
  6. come to expect: become accustomed to 
  7. keep up with the (latest news): know what is currently happening
  8. stop and think (for a moment): take a pause to think about something
  9. the stuff of science fiction: the content of sci-fi fantasies, unreal
  10. the downside: the negative aspect
  11. not all good news: not everything is positive
  12. bury your head in (something): be completely involved in something (a book, your phone)
  13. have an adverse effect on: have a negative result 
  14. a fact of life: something we all accept as true
  15. here to stay: something which will be permanent
  1. Access to the Internet – Able to connect to the Internet
  2. Advances in technology – Progressive forward movement in technology
  3. Back up your files – To save your data to another device
  4. Become rapidly obsolete – Quickly become out of date
  5. Computer literate – Adequate knowledge of a computer
  6. Control remotely – To control technology from a distance
  7. Downloading from the Internet – Take data off one computer to another via the Internet
  8. Electronic Funds Transfer – EFT Payment via the Internet
  9. Emerging technology – Brand new machines and software
  10. Glued to the screen – Unable or unwilling to leave the digital device
  11. Hacking into the network – To gain illegal access to the computer
  12. Internet access – The ability to enter the Internet
  13. Internet of Things – A network connecting machines in a location so that they can be remotely controlled
  14. Internet-enabled – Machines or appliances that have Internet access
  15. Keep a hard copy – Keep a paper copy
  16. Labour-saving device – An appliance that saves work
  17. Not rocket science – It is not very difficult
  18. Online piracy – The downloading of licenced media without payment
  19. Re-install the programs – To put computer programs back onto the computer
  20. Shop online – Shop via the Internet
  21. Shut down – Turn the computer off
  22. Social media networks – Online platforms for communication between people and organisations
  23. State-of-the-art technology – The best technology available
  24. Surfing the web – To move from one site to another on the Internet
  25. To click on an icon – To use the mouse to click on the pictures to get into programs
  26. To crash – To stop working suddenly
  27. To Log in – To sign onto the computer
  28. To upgrade your computer system – To get a larger, quicker or more modern computer
  29. Wireless hotspots – A location where the Internet is available
  • Coronavirus
  • Covid 19
  • SARS
  • Outbreak
  • Epidemic
  • Pandemic
  • Droplets
  • Masks
  • Social distancing
  • Quarantine
  • Lock down
  • Shelter in place
  • Asymptomatic
  • Community spread
  • Contact tracing
  • Flatten the curve
  • ICU
  • Ventilators
  • Vulnerable
  • Immune- compromised
  • High risk
  • Vaccine
  • Pre-clinical stage
  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • outskirts of large towns: areas outside the city centre, suburbs or industrial district
  • factory emissions: smoke and pollution from factories
  • toxic fumes: smoke which is poisonous
  • traffic jams: large queues of cars not moving
  • pollutants in foods: dangerous chemicals
  • pesticides: chemicals to keep bugs and animals away from plants
  • chemical fertilizers: chemicals added to make soil stronger
  • commute to work: drive or travel to work every day
  • Mantra: frequently repeated statement
  • reuse and recycle: use products again or find another purpose for them
  • industrial waste is incinerated: waste which is burnt
  • facilities for recycling: places where you can dispose of plastic / cardboard
  • education programme: teaching and learning in school or elsewhere
  • consequences: the outcomes
  • interspersed with (birds): mingled with, mixed with
  • campaign: high profile policy for the public
  • scientists predict: ideas for the future
  • disintegrate: break down into small particles
  • microplastics: very tiny pieces
  • single-use applications: use once then throw out
  • own- brand products: unique to the shop or supermarket
  • policy should be rolled out: implemented all over the country
  • documentaries: factual TV programmes
  1. it’s never too late to change your ways:  it’s always possible to change habits or lifestyle
  2. turn (your) life around: change (your) life completely
  3. work around the clock: work very long hours 
  4. take (your) job home with you: worry about work outside working hours
  5. be into (something): be very interested in (something)
  6. jump at the chance: take the opportunity enthusiastically
  7. bump into (someone):  meet (someone you know) by chance
  8. it struck me: it gave me that impression
  9. more to (it) than meets the eye:  (it’s) more complicated or interesting than (it) appears
  10. to be hooked: to be totally involved
  11. like a breath of fresh air: something new and exciting 
  12. do (someone) a world of good: have a very positive influence on (your) life
  13. tied up in: very busy and unable to get away
  14. on the up and up: getting better all the time
  15. A change for the better: a positive difference
  1. follow (someone) online:  choose to read about someone in news articles or social media
  2. first come to (your) notice:   be aware of someone or something for the first time 
  3. headline news: the most important news of the day
  4. in the spotlight: the focus of attention
  5. know next to nothing about (something): have very little knowledge of 
  6. become front page news: be among the most important news items 
  7. have a hard time: experience difficult moments
  8. rise to fame:  become increasingly well-known
  9. handle (yourself): behave when in public or under pressure  
  10. (something) strikes you: something that impresses you very much
  11. become an inspiration for (others): inspire others through what you do
  12. take up the cause: become involved in some social or political cause 
  13. the voice and face of (something): the person most associated with something 
  14. shy away from (something): not enjoy being the centre of attraction  
  15. not all about (someone): not just about the person but more important than that
  • confident: in control
  • awkward: uncomfortable
  • underneath the surface, I am paddling like a swan: looking calm but not feeling it.
  • put up a façade: to pretend to be something you are not
  • a control freak: to want to do things yourself
  • an eye for detail: making sure everything is perfect
  • reliable and dependable: be trusted not to let someone down
  • punctuality: being on time
  • disrespectful: impolite
  • a negative trait: bad characteristic
  • parental way: behave like a mother or final
  • interpersonal skills: be good at talking to others
  • empathetic: understanding others emotions
  • generous listener: take time to hear what others are saying
  • to emulate: to be like
  • considerate: kind and thoughtful
  • insecure: shy and not confident
  • moody: sometimes happy and sometimes sad/ cross
  • balanced diet: eating a sensible mix of different foods
  • conscientious about my health: watching and caring about your heath
  • flavoursome and appealing: good to eat and looking attractive
  • convenient take away: food which you can eat at home
  • healthier eating habits: eating less sugar or salt
  • productive at work: achieving more, better results
  • processed meat: meat in which there are additives or chemicals
  • function successfully: to work, perform in a great way
  • tempted by diets: interested in other ways of eating
  • adopted a vegan diet: a vegan does not eat meat, or dairy foods
  • broad minded: open to other ideas
  • Sceptical: not believing something
  • over production of meat: factories or agricultural methods which are focused on this
  • Public service education message: advice from the government
  • Positive reinforcement: rewarding people for doing the right thing
  • authentic: real, true
  • old-school strict: traditional learning with punishments and controlling teachers
  • teacher centred: where the teacher is leading the class
  • encourage collaboration: learning together through discussions
  • pressure to meet deadlines: having to finish work by a certain time / date
  • assignments: homework or essays
  • sail through them: not to have to work hard and to find things easy
  • learning expectations: what the teacher expects from their student
  • role plays: acting out a situation to simulate or practice it
  • dictation: writing down what the teacher says, accurately and fast.
  • breakthrough: a new development
  • inspiring: something which makes you want to do better
  • intonation: the ‘singing’ sound of speech
  • paid off: was worth the effort
  • outdated: old fashioned
  • league tables: tables which rank the position of schools according to  academic success
  • alumni: students who used to go to a certain school or college
  • boarding school: where students live at school during the term time
  • extra- curricular activities: anything NOT academic, eg sport, drama
  • peer group: students of your own age, in your class
  • remote: not being physically there / learning via computer
  • A field (of work): an area or type of career
  • Motivated about: wanting to do well in
  • Internship: working for a short time, sometimes unpaid
  • Apprenticeship: hands on, or practical work to learn a job
  • Hands on: getting involved and doing everything to help
  • Innovative small companies: with new, creative ideas
  • Cutting edge: the best new technology
  • Diagnose: to find out what is wrong
  • Pediatrics: specialist child medicine (also spelled paediatrics)
  • Routine check ups: a regular  (not urgent) visit to the doctors
  • Huge appreciation: gratefulness and gratitude
  • Follow up care: an appointment after an operation or illness
  • Lucrative: money making or profitable
  • Highly merited: well deserved
  • Career ladder: moving up through promotions to the top of the company
  • Pension scheme: money for retirement
  • Job security: knowing you can keep your job / job safety
  • Start up community: new small businesses sometimes internet based
  • Challenging: academically difficult
  • Day in, day out: full time without a break
  • Wide-ranging: covering a large spectrum / area of different knowledge
  • Undergraduate: studying for a degree but having not yet achieved it.
  • Postgraduate: having achieved a degree and now studying for a higher qualification, possibly a professional qualification
  • STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
  • Further education: studies after leaving school
  • Technical colleges: places which do not demand such high entrance qualifications as university
  • Vocational studies: focus on learning or mastering a skill
  • Hands-on training: practical work/ learning
  • To apply for a course: the process of registering for a university
  • To get an (un)conditional offer: an offer which does not depend on previous exam results
  • Halls of residence / student accommodation: a particular place to live for students
  • Student union: an organisation for students / sometimes a physical place
  • A fresher / an undergraduate / a graduate: a new student, someone studying for a Bachelors degree, a student who has finished their Degree
  • A graduation ceremony: a formal occasion when Degrees are given out
  • To take a gap year: a year between study and university
  • To drop out of university: to leave before the course is finished
  • Out of my depth: finding work / study too hard
  • Seminar: smaller class of students with a Professor leading the discussion
  • Lecture theatre: large building for a talk / lecture
  • Extensive research: in-depth work done in a particular academic field
  • Labour-saving devices
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Internet-enabled
  • Rocket scientist
  • Computer crashed
  • Shut down the computer
  • Wireless hotspots
  • Computer literate
  • Hacking into the Internet
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Political issue
  • Climate crisis
  • Green consumer
  • Carbon emissions
  • Historical average
  • Carbon footprint
  • Climate solutions
  • Current levels
  • Global warming
  • Environmental problems
  • Nutritious food
  • Refined carbohydrates
  • Food preparation
  • Packed with vitamins
  • Home cooked meal
  • A balanced diet
  • Daily consumption
  • Savouring the food
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Homemade food
  • Travel abroad
  • Affordable travel
  • Holiday destinations
  • Out-of-season travel
  • Exotic destinations
  • Off the beaten track
  • Self-catering accommodation
  • Spectacular beaches and lush forests
  • Travelling light
  • Magnificent landscapes


  • Middle-income countries
  • Western countries.
  • Public opinion
  • Increased movement
  • Refugee group
  • Multicultural society
  • Global situation
  • Developing world
  • International community
  • Immigration policies
  • Curl up with a book: to get comfortable and read.
  • Thrillers or action books: exciting and full of events
  • A strong plotline: good story which keeps moving
  • Cover to cover: from start to finish
  • Rom-com movie: a romantic comedy film
  • Adapted from fiction: a film which was first a book
  • Strong characterisation: the main people are well rounded and believable
  • Recommended to me by a friend: someone suggested that I read it
  • Black humour: funny but rather dark or mysterious as well
  • Genre: the type of film. E.g. horror or comedy
  • Commercial blockbusters: films made for the mass market to generate a lot of income
  • A sea change in something: a fundamental shift
  • Online streaming: watching via the internet
  • To commission a film: to ask for one to be made
  • A valid perspective: a real view / outlook/insight to something
  • Cultural heritage: the background and history of a country
  1. go for (something) : choose something in particular
  2. some kind of film buff: an expert on the cinema
  3. an Art House movie: an independent, artistic film 
  4. if that’s anything to go by: if that means anything at all
  5. be first released: shown in cinemas or to the public for the first time
  6. streaming services: online platforms like Netflix that show movies
  7. not easy to put a label on it: it’s difficult to categorise the film
  8. it’s whatever you want it to be: you decide what type of film it is
  9. a romantic comedy*: a funny film with a love interest
  10. another layer of meaning: another level of interpretation 
  11. there’s something in it for everybody: we can all find something we like in the film  
  12. the film is open to interpretation: there is no one meaning to the film 
  13. get a lot out of it in all kinds of ways: enjoy and understand it in several ways
  14. in the lead: playing the main part or role in a film 
  15. star in many films: be the most famous actor in many movies 
  • The ravages of something: destruction of something
  • Hybrid car: a car that uses both petrol and electricity
  • Carbon footprint: how much carbon dioxide is released as a result of one’s activities
  • Recycle: breaking down products to create new products from the materials
  • Growing season: the time of the year when plants grow
  • Yields: amount of a crop produced
  • Crops: a plant grown in large amounts
  • Eco-conscious: describes someone who shows concern for the environment
  • Natural fertilizer: fertilizers that come from animal waste, animal matter or plant matter
  • Chemical fertilizer: fertilizers that are made from synthetic materials
  • Contaminate: to make something impure, poisonous or polluted
  • Groundwater: water that is below the earth’s surface
  • Vegetable scraps: bits of vegetables that are discarded
  • Non-chemical compost: decaying matter such as food, leaves or manure used to fertilize soil
  • Organic: describes something that does not use chemical fertilizers
  • Commute: travel to and from work
  • Solar panels: panels that collect rays from the sun to be used as energy for electricity or heating
  • Household cleaning products: products that are used to clean one’s home
  • Time-consuming: describes something that takes a lot of time
  • Environmentally conscious: when a person or business is aware of their effect on the environment and attempts to minimize this affect
  • Green lifestyle: a way of living that attempts to reduce usage of water & power, waste and toxic substances
  • Sustainable: describes something that causes minimal damage to the environment
  • Emulate: to copy someone’s behavior out of respect
  • Conventional products: products that have been in use for a long time
  • Energy saving: describe products designed to reduce use of electricity or other form of energy
  • Fuel emissions: gases that lead to air pollution through the burning of fuel
  • Electric cars: vehicles that run on electricity
  • Food miles: the distance food travels from the time it is produced until it reaches its end customer
  • Local food: food that is produced a short distance from where it is consumed
  • Fossil fuels: coal, gas or oil that is used in industry, homes and vehicles
  • Carbon monoxide: a dangerous gas produced from the partial burning of fuels
  • Dispose: throw away
  • Waterways: lakes, rivers, oceans and canals
  • Ecosystem: the geographic area where animals, plants and other organisms interact
  • Natural habitat: the area where a plant or animal normally lives
  • Tackle: to try to deal with a problem
  • Collective effort: when a group of people try to do something
  • Forge: to create something strong or successful
  • Flexibility: being able to change or be changed depending on circumstances
  • Work-life balance: the time spent at your job in comparison to the time spent on your personal life
  • Distraction: something that takes away your attention from something else
  • Burnout: fatigue or tiredness from being overworked
  • Sense of community: when members of a group have a feeling of belonging and that they matter to one another
  • Colleagues: people you work with
  • Camaraderie: the feeling of friendship and trust that people who work together or spend time together share
  • Teamwork: when people work together to accomplish a goal
  • Isolation: the feeling or state of being separated from others
  • Productivity: how much you work you produce in relation to how much time you spend
  • Workplace: any location where a person performs a job
  • Work remotely or remote work: when an employee works from home rather than an office and uses the phone and/or computer to communication
  • Telecommute: same as “remote work”
  • Chained to a desk: when someone feels forced or obligated to work exclusively from their desk
  • 9 to 5: the typical hours of work in many countries. Also can mean normal sometimes boring or mundane jobs.
  • Carbon footprint: how much carbon dioxide someone/ somethings actions create
  • Sustainability benefits: the results of protecting the environment through less waste and less pollution
  • Environmentally friendly: describes things or activities that do not harm the environment
  • Financially viable: describes something that allows companies to generate income, fulfill responsibilities and continue to grow
  • Supervision: when someone manages a person or department to make sure rules are followed and work is done correctly
  • Lockdown: when people are not allowed to leave an area as a security measure
  • Hybrid work: work from both home and office
  • Autonomy: when you make decisions for yourself without the control of others
  • Viral: if a post/ video is viral or “has gone viral,” that means it is spreading very rapidly across the internet,
  • Troll: used as a verb and a noun. A troll is a person who purposely creates offensive or provocative posts or comments to arouse anger in other social media users.
  • Hater: a person who posts negative or critical comments about others
  • Vlogger: a person who regularly creates short videos to be posted online
  • Meme: a humorous image or text that is easily sent to others over the internet
  • Anonymity: The state of being anonymous, of people not knowing your identity
  • DM: direct message
  • Emoji: a small digital image used in social media/ emails/ text to display an emotion, object or idea
  • Badger: to bother someone repeatedly
  • Derogatory: offensive, hurtful, disrespectful
  • Censor: to keep certain images. Texts, etc from being displayed or published because it is offensive or immoral
  • Follow:  to subscribe to the page of a person or business on social media
  • Harass: to create a hostile situation through written or verbal communication
  • Catfishing: the act of creating a false internet profile in order to deceive or scam someone
  • Grooming: preparing someone (often a minor) over the internet in order to eventually commit a sexual offense
  • Influencer: a person who promotes a product online to his/her followers so that they may purchase it
  • Photoshop: software that allows users to digitally alter their images
  • Filters: preset photo enhancements that users can select to apply to their images or videos
  • Block: stopping or banning someone from interacting with you on social media or viewing your posts/ profile
  • Scam: a dishonest attempt to trick or cheat you
  • Commercials: an advert on tv or radio
  • Imagery: visual images
  • Tantalizing: something that creates desire and excitement
  • Live up to its hype: when something is as good as you expected it to be
  • Product placement: a practice in movies or tv shows when a product or its brand name appear on screen visibly in order to gain exposure
  • Celebrity endorsement: when a famous person advertises a product by saying he or she uses it
  • Grating: describes sounds that are annoying
  • Inclined to purchase: likely to buy
  • Potential customers: people who might possibly buy your product
  • Turn someone off: to make someone uninterested in something
  • Pop-ups: advertisements that suddenly appear on a computer or device screen.
  • Subconscious: the part of the brain that sees, hears or remembers things that you do not actively remember
  • Subliminal: describes something that can influence the subconscious mind without the conscious mind realizing it
  • Billboards: a large outdoor board, usually alongside large roads, used to display an ad
  • Flyer: a small paper advertising a product, business or event
  • Website traffic: the internet users who visit a website
  • Brand awareness: when customers recognize or remember a brand and its qualities
  • Jingle: music that accompanies commercials
  • Telemarketing: the marketing of good or services over the phone
  • Bombard: attack continuously
  • Buying power: the money someone has to buy things
  • Free-for-all: a situation with no rules, limits or restrictions
  • Impressionable: describes a person who is easily influenced


  • Clothes horse: someone who really likes to buy nice clothes
  • Well put together: describes someone who looks good and who has made effort to do so
  • Pick up: buy
  • Bargain price: a discounted price
  • Be up on the latest trends: to be informed of what is fashionable
  • Social media feed: the updated list of new content available on various social media platforms
  • In fashion: fashionable
  • Replicate: to copy
  • Looks: appearance
  • Lower priced: inexpensive, cheap
  • A fraction of the cost: a small part of the total cost
  • A (great) eye for something: able to notice or make correct judgments about something
  • Clothes rack: rail where clothes are hung for display
  • Shoe display: place where shoes are shown
  • Level of attention: the amount of attention someone pays to something
  • Luxury goods: things that are very expensive to buy but are not considered necessities
  • High-end designers: people who design products sold at very high prices
  • Out of my price range: describes something that is too expensive for someone to buy
  • Incomparable: cannot be compared because it is so good
  • Over the top: extreme, excessive, exaggerated
  • Avant garde: describes music, art, etc, that are unconventional or experimental
  • Ambience: the atmosphere of a location
  • Unparalleled: exceptional; in a category of its own because of its excellence
  • Customer service: the assistance given to customers of a product or service
  • Top-notch: high quality
  • Blow money on something: spend large amounts of money
  • “it” item: something very fashionable
  • Place pressure on: to try to influence or persuade
  • Stay current: to be up to date
  • Spoiled for choice: to have a lot of options available to you
  • High street: the main street where shops, banks and businesses are located.
  • Unfathomable: unimaginable
  • e-shops: stores that do business online
  • click of a button: on a computer or device, something that requires very little effort
  • at your doorstep: at your home or near where you live
  • superimposed: when something is placed over something else so that the image of both items is clear
  • frame: the size and shape of someone’s body
  • digital imagery: the collection of pixels on a screen that create an image
  • brick and mortar stores: a physical shop as opposed to an online shop
  • counterparts: someone who does the same job as someone else somewhere else